India Palace Appetizers
Served with Spicy Mint Cilantro, Sweet Tamarind, and Cucumber Yogurt Sauces.
"V" = Vegan Friendly..."D" = Dairy-Free
Spinach Pakoras
Fresh Cut Spinach Leaves Dipped in a Chick-Pea Batter, Deep-Fried and Chaat Masala spice... (gluten-free) 9.00
Onion Bhajis
India's Version of Onion Rings. Onion Petals Dipped in a Chick-Pea Batter & Deep Fried, Spritzed with Chaat-Masala (gluten-free) 9.00
Vegetable Samosas
Two Crispy Golden Pastry Shells Stuffed with Semi-Spiced Potatoes and Green Peas 8.00
Crushed Spiced Lentil Wafers...(gluten free) 3.00
Tandoor Roasted Meat Sampler
An Assortment of Roasted Meats, Served on a Hot Sizzler with Onions and Green Bell Peppers 13.00
V Veggie Pakoras
Mixture of potatoes, cabbage, spinach & onions, in a crispy golden chick-pea batter, spritzed with chaat masala...(gluten free) 8.00