India Palace Royal Meat Entrées
All entrées are Gluten-Free.
Ala Carte Entrées...$16:
Served with single serving of Saffron Rice.
Four-Course Dinner...$25:
Served with papadums (lentil wafers) and house sauces, main entrée, spiced lentil soup or house salad, saffron-infused rice, plain or garlic-herb naan and choice of house dessert (ask server).
"V" = Vegan Friendly..."D" = Dairy-Free
Makanwala (Butter Chicken)
Roasted Chicken in a Rich, Delicate Tomato Cream Sauce with Fresh Herbs
Meat Coconut Milk Curry
Chef's delicious curry sauce made with coconut milk (gluten-free)
D India Palace House Curry
House Curry with a Blend of Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, & Fresh Herbs & Spices  
D Vindaloo Curry
Semi-Spiced Curry of Cumin, Ginger, and Coriander with fresh Yukon Potatoes  
D Do Piazza Curry
Spiced Masala Ginger Curry with Grilled Onions & Green Bell Peppers  
D Palace Jalfrezi Curry
Palace House Curry with Chef's Selection of Mixed Vegetables and Fresh Herbs  
D Saag (Puréed Spinach)
A Delicious Puréed Spinach with Blend of Ginger, Onions & Fresh Herbs  
Meat Korma
Chef's Delicate Cashew Nut Cream Sauce with Fresh Herbs & Spices  
Meat Korma with Vegetables
Chef's Selection of Mixed Vegetables in a Delicate Cashew Nut Cream Sauce  
Tikka Masala
A Delicious Delicate Tomato-Yogurt Cream Curry with Fresh Herbs and Spices  
Southern Oregon's Hottest curry! Surpasses our Hot Level 10 by far...this is a level 15!! You order at your own risk! Add $1 to regular price.  
D Spicy Jalapeño Chili Curry
Spicy House Curry with grilled onions, bell peppers & fresh jalapeños (spicy...level 3.5)  
D Meat & Mushroom Masala Curry
India Palace house curry with fresh sliced mushrooms and herbs  
D Meat Biriyani Sauté Rice
Meat selection sautéed with curry & saffron-infused rice, garnished with raisins & cashews.